15 Questions to Ask About Your Brand

We live in a face-paced world that is constantly changing. New technology emerges everyday, making it easier for more startups and small businesses to compete in your market. It's critical to your success to have a strong brand foundation that clearly and properly communicates your brand identity to your audience and to put in effort to actively manage your brand positioning and communications.



Below is a list of 15 questions that can be used to help you determine if your branding is meeting the expectations of your customers:

  1. Is it differentiated enough?
  2. Does it match customer perceptions?
  3. Does is enable growth?
  4. Does it identify your brand’s unique value to your customers?
  5. Does it produce a clear picture in your mind that’s different from your competitors?
  6. Is it focused on your core customers?
  7. Is it memorable and motivating?
  8. Is it consistent in all areas of your business?
  9. Is it easy to understand?
  10. Is it difficult to copy?
  11. Is it positioned for long-term success?
  12. Is your brand promise believable and credible?
  13. Can your brand own it?
  14. Will it withstand counterattacks from your competitors?
  15. Will it help you make more effective marketing and branding decisions?


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