5 Ideas for Social Media Posts to Keep Your Pages Fresh

5 Ideas for Social Media Posts to Keep Your Pages Fresh


Creating a steady stream of posts for social media can be exhausting. But week in and week out, social media pages need fresh content to stay engaging and relevant. Fortunately, the job can be made much easier by learning a few types of templates for content creation. By intermixing these templates with the types of posts you're already creating, you'll find it much more difficult to run of ideas about what to post next.


Post Thank-You Messages

Social media sites are about socializing with others, and there are few pro-social behaviors that are simpler than a thank you note. Show appreciation for your fans, for other people in the industry who provide a value service, or even a specific individual for helping you out with something. A quick glance at social media will show you there are far more complaints than positive messages, and being part of a minority of positives gives you the chance to humanize your brand and connect with people on a more personal level.  


Post Suggested Reading

Put all that industry-related reading you do to work. If you find something your audience could benefit from, then point it out to them. Offer up a link or the name of the book as well as a quick explanation of its value. Using your personal perspective is what makes a recommendation like this excel. And if you're posting to Twitter and can't summarize your thoughts in such a small space, it wouldn't hurt to post a link to a longer review.


Post Questions

Questions get people to engage with you, and they're a great way to collect feedback in the process. If you're not looking for product feedback or customer testimonials, try friendlier questions like "What's your favorite thing about snow?" Almost nobody wants to follow a big faceless brand on social media sites. When you ask questions, you're directly engaging with your fans in a way that makes your page feel like its run by a real person. You might also find some surprising answers.


Post with Community Hashtags

On social media, every day is a holiday. Hashtags like #HumpDay, #ThrowbackThursday, and #FollowFriday are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to weekly hashtags. Tags like these are low-hanging fruit in terms of content, and they're a great way to gain visibility from people who are hanging out these popular tags. You don't have to hop on every hashtag that starts to take off, but occasionally it's worth chiming in.


Repost Evergreen Content

Content that remains relevant for months or years is called evergreen. For instance, an article exploring how to get blood stains out of carpet will presumably continue to be relevant even decades from now. Creating something that's relevant in this way can be time-consuming, but its value for publishing and republishing is next to none. If they're relevant, then take a few minutes to find some of your most popular posts, and repost them.  Otherwise, when your social media page is gaining handfuls of followers every day, it's unlikely all those new faces will have seen your best content.


Consistent and Still Fresh

It's easy for your content to start feeling repetitive. It's equally easy to start using these template ideas to push some new life into your page. Like with any changes to your social media properties, be sure to carefully track your progress. You might be surprised to learn one of some of these posts connect with your audience far better than others, and either way, you'll have the data to keep your content on the right track.

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