7 Actionable Branding Tips to Consider for 2018


7 Actionable Branding Tips to Consider for 2018

The business and marketing world is always evolving. To stay ahead of the game, you'll need to establish a strong, recognizable brand. Here are seven crucial branding tips to consider for 2018.


Focus on emotions

Figure out what kind of emotion you want to trigger in your target audience. Emotions play a pivotal role in connecting with your customers. What story do you want your brand to tell? Big names know how to stir certain emotions in their audience. For example, brands that revolve around health know how to inspire their audience to get up and work out. Tech brands know how to hype their audience for their latest products. Figure out how you want your customers to feel. Customers should associate a specific emotion with your brand.

Plan how you want to represent your brand visually

Ask yourself how you want to present your brand visually. Visuals are essential especially in the age of the internet and social media. You'll need to learn how to express your name at a glance adequately. There's a reason that the Google Logo is so recognizable. Do you want your brand to appear rugged? Do you want it to be colorful and approachable? Do you want a minimalist look for your brand? A strong visual identity makes your name easier to recognize and remember.

Understand who you want to reach

Before deciding what you want your brand to be about, you first have to understand your audience. You first need to understand who you want to reach with your brand. With whom do you want your brand to resonate? You'll need to ask yourself a few critical questions, such as your target audience's age range, level of education, lifestyle, and even their gender. Answering just a few of these issues can help you understand how you want to shape your brand for the future.

Don't do it yourself

Most beginners make the mistake of thinking that they can get away with doing everything themselves. Establishing a brand isn't something just one person can do. There's more to branding than just designing a logo. Design and branding agencies exist for a reason. While there are certain aspects of branding that you can do without help, you'll still need professional help in other areas. Don't be afraid to outsource certain parts of your campaign.

Weave branding in everything you do

Branding extends beyond your business. Everything you do, whether it's online or offline should have an impact on the growth of your brand. Your personal brand as an entrepreneur should grow your with your business' identity.

Establish your own online platform

Having an online presence is important both for brands and individuals. Whether you're a blogger, author, or an entrepreneur, you'll need to find a way to cement yourself in the online world. There are a variety of social networks you can establish yourself in, but make it a point to find out which platforms are most important. Facebook and Twitter are musts, but other platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram might not be vital for your brand or niche. Find out what works for growing your brand's identity. Figure out where your audience is, then go to them.

Understand your value

Understand what value your brand has to offer to the rest of the world. How can your brand help people in their lives? How do you want people to remember your brand? With what concept do you want people to associate your name? For example, do you want people to think of your brand for its charity, creativity, or reliability?

Branding is a complicated topic that even experienced entrepreneurs have trouble understanding. Take note of these tips to help your brand dominate the competition. If you need help building your brand or coming up with a marketing strategy, let us know! We can lend a hand.