How to Create Viral Content in 3 Easy Steps

How to Create Viral Content in 3 Easy Steps


Every content marketer hopes something they develop has the power to go viral. When a piece takes off, it can bring an influx of new attention, clients, and customers to the business. 

However, viral content can be difficult to create. With the mass amounts of information out there, it can be a challenge to know what will stick with your target audience. When you create a piece of viral content, it needs to be different enough to stand out - but that means you're taking a risk. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone as a content creator is one of the best ways to develop viral content. However, simply guessing what will be popular with your target audience can be a waste of time and money. While you want to create something entirely new to your audience, you also want to put in ample research to ensure it fills a need and is valuable. 

There are three clear steps to developing viral content. To help you create a piece that is sure to take off, here are the three steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Find the Right Topic


The topic you focus on will be the foundation of your topic. In order to ensure your content makes a strong impression on your target audience, you need to select a topic that identifies strongly with your target audience. 

Many marketers assume they know what their audience needs or they can guess what their customers are looking for. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly difficult to predict what will be popular, especially if you're not engaging your audience in the topic research process. 

In order to find a great topic, you need to listen to your audience. Rather than assuming you know what is best for them, you need to listen to what they're asking, identify what questions they still have, and find what problems they most want to solve. You can even jump offline to engage in some real-life conversations. 

Find new ways to engage your target audience. Read publications, popular blog posts, and articles from your niche to understand new developments or ideas. Listen to the conversations your audience and competitors are having, and talk with other individuals in your niche or community to understand the problems that are still out there. From there, you're able to develop a topic strategy that can attract high quantities of attention.

Step 2: Decide on a Content Type


Your content topic isn't the only thing that is important. When trying to make a piece of content go viral, you also need to ensure you're developing it in a way your target audience will love. 

There are a number of different content types you can choose from. From blog posts and e-books to infographic and videos, viral content is not confined to just one idea. However, you need to consider your target audience when trying to decide which type of content is most likely to take off. 

When deciding on a content type, first think about what is popular with your target audience. While you may be excited to create a certain type of content, if your audience doesn't enjoy that style, you're not going to get the attention you hoped for. Instead, consider what has been popular in the past and stay within those boundaries. 

Remember to take your time when creating content. If you truly want a piece to become popular, you need to put a lot of hard work into ensuring it is high-quality. If you're trying to develop a piece in only a few minutes, you'll struggle to get any attention.

Step 3: Properly Promote Your Content


Once your content is created, you're ready to promote it. While viral content is shared widely among target audience members and customers, it doesn't always start out that way. In order to get those first few bits of attention that can get the ball rolling, you need to have a promotion strategy. 

You should promote your content in a few ways. Using your own social media platforms, email newsletters, and website is a great way to get started. However, for a piece to go viral, you need to be able to dip into other networks and communities. 

To get more attention to your piece, consider reaching out to content sharing sites and influencers. When you can get other brands to share your content with their own communities, you're able to get your information in front of a new audience. Not only can this expand your reach, but it can help you bring new customers and get more shares. 

To improve your promotion, be sure to focus on real engagements. When you're trying to bring attention to a certain piece, you may feel inclined to share it as much as possible in as many places as possible. However, if it doesn't fit in that area, you'll only annoy your leads and push them further away. Instead, focus on sharing your content where it makes sense.


Creating viral content comes down to how well you know your target audience. In order to increase the chances that a piece will go viral, you need to take a moment to do the right research, compose strong content, and ensure you're promoting it the right way. 

Use these three steps to bring yourself closer to creating a truly viral piece of content. The more you get to know your target audience, the more you can adjust your content strategy until you're able to create a piece that is shared by hundreds of people.

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