Set Up Your Blog for Marketing Success

Set Up Your Blog for Marketing Success

It is devastating to see blogs with excellent content be anonymous with no comments, a rotting PageRank, and terrible Alexa rating. For those bloggers out there that have decided to launch their blogging careers in 2008, that's great! However, it's now 2018, and marketing plus web 2.0 has changed. Realize that with these changes, it is time to get your blog in order.


Get Your Blog In Order

1. Write Consistently All the marketing in the world won't help you if you have a dull blog in search for more traffic. Don't give up at all though; great promotion starts and more publicity starts with excellent content and needs to continue on a regular schedule. Maintaining quality and regularity is difficult but essential. Hang in there, because if you can master this, you'll be well on your way to great publicity.

2. Your Design is Essential: First impressions count, and they can count for money. If you're serious about blogging, you're going to need a unique WordPress theme that fits your style. It's impossible to look the same as everyone else and stand out at the same time. It's an easy thing to say but a hard thing to do, but take your time and consider hiring someone to create a design that will help you make your mark in the online blogging world. Or take your time, get a good CSS editor and learn how to do it yourself from the ground up. If you're dedicated and good with computers, this might be the best route to go. 

3. Be SEO Friendly: Get your domain name, host your software, enable permalinks, create unique titles, use unique keywords, enable trackback and the ping functionality and be sure your blog pings pinging-services.

4. Break Important Stories:
Create timely articles and you will generate interest in an area. It's still possible to break a story, and if you put the time and energy into finding stories, you might even benefit from being picked up by A-list blogs. It's also possible to get picked up by mainstream media and more if you watch for the trending topics and break a story.

5. Engage Your Readers: Answering comments on and off your blog adds a human touch to your blog and engages the readers. Starting a discussion and getting people talking about your blog is the best way to generate traffic. Having a conversation about your post is the best way to promote your post.

So as you get with the new Web 2.0 in 2018, you can begin to see more blog comments and a better PageRank along with an appropriate Alexa Rating.  You can have web marketing success all it takes is a little hard work and some elbow grease.

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