Undercover Business-Critical Insights

Gain access to tools that can help organizations extract actionable data, uncover industry gaps, and boost brand health by tapping into global data sources.



Build a Deeper Understanding Of Your Target Audience

Get insights into the industry, brands, and competitors with easy-to-use reports. Understand consumer opinion and brand health by tracking and analyzing conversations about relevant topics and keywords.

Data That Allows You To Stay Two-Steps Ahead of the Competition

Keep up with industry trends while identifying thought leaders and influencers to engage as brand ambassadors. Monitor real-time data to gather fresh insights, valuable content ideas, and honest feedback.

Insights To Upgrade Your Business Strategy

Organize and distribute useful information. Increase visibility into team performance and demonstrate effect by providing stakeholders with aesthetically appealing, intuitive reports that highlight key information.

Track. Analyze. Report

Keep track of online conversations that are relevant to your brand. To quickly measure the results of current strategy and direct future actions, gain access to unfiltered views, opinions, and comments on business-critical topics.  Gather real-world discussions and audience insights to gain a comprehensive understanding of industry trends, brand potential, customer sentiment, and much more. 

Quickly Uncover Engagement Opportunities

Use real-time brand monitoring and social listening tools to discover deeper insights and drive better strategy.

Audience Analysis

Examine audience preferences to help you improve your marketing approach and make better business decisions.

Customer Feedback

Track customer conversations about your brand to learn more about their opinions and acquire insight into their experiences.

Consumer Research

Highlight key attributes such as age, gender, geographic area, and device usage to better understand and reach consumers.


Identify brand champions, relevant influencers, and industry thought leaders based on their following or post impact.

Sentiment Research

Explore customer thoughts and opinions on certain topics, products, competitors, and more to improve positioning.

Campaign Analysis

Quickly capture reactions of your audience to understand marketing efforts and generate concise reports to track success.

Competitive Insight

Explore business possibilities, identify industry gaps, track share of voice, and determine consumer views toward competitors.

Trend Identification

Keep track of consumer behavior as it relates to specific themes and keywords to stay on top of industry developments.

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What is marketing strategy?

Marketing strategy is the method that allows us to focus on using what resources are available on the most promising opportunities for increased sales and a long-term competitive advantage.

Why do I need a marketing strategy?

A plan can assist you in determining what you want to achieve with your business and the measures necessary to achieve your objectives. It will be worthwhile to devote time to developing a strategy.