7 Content Creation Trends Marketers Should Implement In 2021

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Springtime is a sign of new growth and beginnings, making it the ideal time to revamp your marketing strategy. While you may have your own ideas about what will make your campaigns successful, there are some trends in content marketing that are sure to change your results during 2021. Industry experts have given their input on what to expect and what new things should be attempted, and these are tips you should incorporate for the coming year.


The in-person restrictions of 2020 spurred the growth of live content connections, but this a trend that is expected to continue. Video is a medium of communication that is both quick and effective, helping educate audiences about your message and brand. Consumers often prefer instant delivery of information, and going live presents an engaging way to fulfill this need.

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Communication platforms, like Slack, have increased in popularity across different industries, placing a spotlight on the need for using content marketing to develop an online community. These allow for a more open and diverse sharing of content, creating an environment that encourages open communication with other marketers and clients. By having all communications happen on one platform, content marketers can invest in fewer resources and can perform the day-to-day relations more efficiently.


One of the content marketing trends that is sure to continue is the move to improve the content experience. There will be increased attention to the way users interact with content instead of just focusing on keywords and rankings. Content will be directed toward a total package presentation. Every aspect of the user experience will be considered in website content, including its first impression, ease of use, and ability to close a purchase. Many web pages will expand beyond text and work with webinars, podcasts, and several call-to-action segments.


For many, the idea of using artificial intelligence sounds scary and intimidating. However, the use of AI has been in the works for years and will revolutionize your content marketing effort. Through specialized tools, AI will be able to deliver full blogs, captions and summaries that are sourced in data and grounded in consumer demand. There isn’t a fear of removing human involvement in the content process, as this tool still needs a lot of development and will need editing.


Depending on the extent of the marketing budget or the resources available, generalized content might be all that you plan to offer the public. However, presenting a stronger focus on actual services and products within pieces of content will drive up interest and potential purchases. By targeting the content to these more specific areas, businesses can stay lean and conserve resources. Work on content that attracts your key buyers, focusing on several fundamental topics for your services or industry. Product launches, updates or user integrations are key ways to enhance the return on investment for content efforts.


A key aspect of content creation is understanding and implementing an effective SEO strategy. There is a lot of movement in the SEO realm, and it can be difficult to keep up with major updates that change how your content is ranked. And it takes some ingenuity to compete with large marketing companies that have may have the budget and expertise to steal your thunder. You may have to play a long game with SEO, consistently optimizing your content to make it to the top of the results page, but the results are worth it if this new visibility you can increase traffic and make more sales.

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In order to conserve resources but still make waves in the area of content, repurpose your engaging, high-quality content rather than starting over. You don’t have to write a blog about a topic when a webinar already exists. Make mention of the existing content in new channels and on social media marketing by using content highlights, quotes, or other snippets of long-form content. Don’t get bogged down with new content each time a topic or an idea arises. Make it easier for consumers to follow your content trail across your platforms by keeping it consistent.

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