Blue Ridge Floors

Marketing, Google Ads & SEO

Grew Rankings to #1 for 15+ Keywords 

+200% Total Inbound Leads / Calls

+245% Organic Traffic Growth 2019 – 2021

Reduced New Lead Acquisition Cost by 15% 


Asheville's Hardwood Flooring Specialists

Blue Ridge Floors is a third-generation family-operated flooring store based in Asheville, N.C. that specializes in flooring product selection, design, installations, sanding and finishing, tile, and stairs.

Business Challenge: When we were approached by Blue Ridge Floors, a Google Algorithm update had caused their website rankings to drop considerably. All of a sudden, the phones stopped ringing and they weren't receiving nearly as much traffic as they had been. The problem was clear:

  • They were not ranking high enough to obtain quality traffic
  • They had a low visitor-to-lead conversion rate

The problem was their website. The calls to action were not clear, the user experience was confusing, the load time of the site was slow, they were buried in the search results, and the mobile experience was seriously broken.


Industry: Home Services

Category: Flooring Company

Company Size: 20+

Location: Asheville, NC, United States


Marketing & Business Objectives

We implemented a comprehensive blogging, content, and link-building strategy to help shore up losses in rankings. Over time, we implemented highly optimized Google Ads campaigns to increase leads and grow brand awareness - with the following results:

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Contact Forms

Increase online contact form submissions from paid and organic sales channels.


Brand Awareness

Increase brand awareness with new and repeat website visitors.

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Phone Calls

Support growth of phone calls asking for availability and pricing.


Website Traffic

Improve organic keyword rankings and expand paid channel reach to achieve revenue goals.

Google Search Ads and Organic Rankings for Driving Leads

  • To drive more traffic to their website, Blue Ridge Floors needed a strategy for taking advantage of paid advertising channels: Google Search ads
  • By integrating target keywords and utilizing copy that resonated with their target audience, Proecho Solutions deployed Search ads to attract quality traffic generating 15% more leads in 2021.


  • When segmenting the target population, which comprised geographies, ages, vocations, and hobbies of the Blue Ridge Floors target audience, it was also vital to examine demographics and psychographics in order to maximize ROI. Blue Ridge Floors was well on its way to a successful SEM campaign thanks to this, as well as optimized content and a great design.

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