Dry Ridge Moving & Transportation

Marketing, Google Ads & SEO

55% Average New Lead Conversion Rate

+25% CTR vs. Industry Average

+106% New Organic Site Visitors in 2021

Increased Total Leads by 15% in 2021


Local & Long Distance Moving Company

Dry Ridge Moving and Transportation provides high-quality moving services in Asheville, NC, and Western North Carolina since 2006. 

Business Challenge:For many years, Dry Ridge Moving had great success relying on word-of-mouth and great customer service. However, their online presence had some issues:

  • They were not ranking high enough to obtain quality traffic
  • The had a low visitor-to-lead conversion rate
  • The design was outdated and sluggish

The problem was their website. The calls to action were not clear, the user experience was confusing, the load time of the site was slow, they were buried in the search results, and the mobile experience was seriously broken.

Dry Ridge Moving

Industry: Home Services

Category: Moving Company

Company Size: 10+

Location: Asheville, NC, United States


Marketing & Business Objectives

We implemented a full overhaul of the Dry Ridge Moving website, UX, and code base, and implemented On-Page and Off-Page SEO tactics - with the following results:

Dry Ridge Moving Asheville

Contact Forms

Increase online contact form submissions from paid and organic sales channels.


Brand Awareness

Increase brand awareness with new and repeat website visitors.

call (3)

Phone Calls

Support growth of phone calls asking for availability and pricing.


Website Traffic

Improve organic keyword rankings and expand paid channel reach to achieve revenue goals.


After a Discovery & Strategic Planning Phase, Proecho Solutions implemented a full overhaul of the Dry Ridge Moving website, UX, and code base, and implemented On-Page and Off-Page SEO tactics – with the following results:

  • Monthly traffic increase of 106%
  • A corresponding 20%+ lift in revenue
  • Ranked on 1st Page On Google for Primary Target Keyword

Google Search Ads and Organic Rankings for Driving Leads

  • To drive more traffic to their website, Dry Ridge Moving needed a strategy for taking advantage of paid advertising channels: Google Search ads

  • By integrating target keywords and utilizing copy that resonated with their target audience, Proecho Solutions deployed Search ads to attract quality traffic generating 15% more leads in 2021.

  • In order to maximize ROI, it was also necessary to consider demographics and psychographics when segmenting the target audience, which included regions, ages, vocations, and interests of Dry Ridge Moving’s target audience. Thanks to this, as well as optimized content and a stunning design, Dry Ridge Moving was well on its way to a successful SEM campaign.

On-Page & Off-Page SEO

Over the last 4 years of continuous implementation of on-site optimizations and an aggressive linkbuilding campaign, Dry Ridge Moving saw significant improvement from Organic Search traffic:

    • 56% click growth compared to 2020.
    • 150% impression growth compared to 2020.
    • Ranked in Local 3 Pack on Google Maps for high-volume targeted keywords

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