Sow True Seed

Marketing, Google Ads & SEO

Increased Online Revenue by 10%

11-to-1 Return on Ad Spend

26% Increase in New Organic Site Visitors


Nationwide eCommerce & Local Retail Strategy

Sow True Seed offers a collection of over 500 types of GMO-free vegetable, herb and flower seeds since 2009. They carry heirloom, organic and small farmer-grown varieties of seeds, as well as gardening tools and supplies. It is their mission to encourage seed saving for a resilient food system. A central focus of their brand is to support food security and seed diversity.

Business Challenge: Sow True Seed lacked the technical SEO, web development, and paid search skills internally to fully optimize their inbound website traffic. 


Industry: Consumer Products

Category: Home & Garden

Company Size: 10+

Location: Asheville, NC, United States


Marketing & Business Objectives


Online Sales

Increase online sales from paid and organic sales channels.


Website Traffic

Improve organic keyword rankings and expand paid channel reach to achieve revenue goals.


In-Store Sales

Support growth of in-store sales to regain momentum of retail store traffic.


Brand Awareness

Increase brand awareness with new and repeat website visitors.


After a Discovery & Strategic Planning Phase, Proehco Solutions collaborated with Sow True Seed to better understand the current market and target audience. This led to optimized landing pages, more targeted Google Search and Display campaigns, and a strategic linkbuilding campaign.


Identifying Important Data-Points and Creating a Clear Path to Success

  1. It was critical to assess the present state of Sow True Seed's online presence in order to design a comprehensive and effective SEO campaign. This contains their website's technological strengths and limitations, as well as content improvement options.

  2. We discovered areas for improvement, possibilities to generate new traffic to target audiences, and a deeper understanding of Sow True Seed as a whole by auditing its on-page and off-page statistics, keyword potential, target audience, and more.

  3. Proecho Solutions was able to rank Sow True Seed #1 for target keywords among their top rivals within the first 90 days. By constructing a good SEO plan for moving forward, Sow True Seed had a better grasp of not only who to target, but also how to increase their current web presence.

Google Search and Google Display Ads for Driving Sales

  • To drive more traffic to their website, Sow True Seed needed a strategy for taking advantage of paid advertising channels: Google Search and Google Display ads

  • By integrating target keywords and utilizing copy that resonated with their target audience, Proecho Solutions deployed Search and Display ads to attract quality traffic generating nearly $35K in Q3 2021, with a 4:1 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

  • In order to maximize ROI, it was also necessary to consider demographics and physchographics when segmenting the target audience, which included regions, ages, vocations, and interests of Sow True Seed’s target audience. Thanks to this, as well as optimized content and a stunning design, Sow True Seed was well on its way to a successful SEM campaign.

On-Page & Off-Page SEO

Within the first 90 days of implementation of on-site optimizations and an aggressive linkbuilding campaign, Sow True Seed saw immediate improvement from Organic Search traffic:

    • 71% Click growth compared to 2020.
    • 111% Impression growth compared to 2020.
    • Ranked #1 for Target High-Volume Keyword Phase with Featured Snippet (“Types of Carrots”, August 2021)

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