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Walking Tour Company in Asheville, NC

Asheville by Foot is a guided walking tour company that helps make the most of your Asheville experience. Whether you’re visiting Asheville for the first time or the tenth, with Asheville by Foot you’ll develop a deep appreciation for Asheville’s rich history, stunning architecture, and unique culture.

Business Challenge: Asheville by Foot's website had an old and outdated design and they wanted to rebuild their website to have better control over updates and implementing marketing promotions. Additionally, they wanted to integrate a 3rd party booking engine (Fareharbor) to self-manage all bookings directly.


Industry: Tourism

Category: Entertainment

Company Size: 5+

Location: Asheville, NC, United States


Marketing & Business Objectives

Out-of-date website platform & design

Basic content updates were difficult & time-consuming

A better way to make regular updates (like seasonal offers)

3rd Party Booking Integration to Self-Manage Purchases


A strategy session assisted in determining which components of the existing sites needed to be deleted, as well as how to improve the user experience for each of them. It was difficult to update any of the sites, so we put processes in place to make it easier. 

Custom WordPress Implementation

  1. The website was rebuilt using the WordPress platform (one of the most widely used CMS platforms)
  2. The site's performance and security have been improved by updating the plugins.
  3. To decrease the load and make the site easier to maintain on the backend, unnecessary plugins were deleted.
  4. Cross-domain conversion tracking was implemented using Google Tag Manager to maintain proper traffic attribution.


The Results

Website managers now have less things to worry about and can update their sites more quickly. A smooth user experience for all visitors to the website boosts the likelihood of obtaining new clients and delighted existing ones. Additionally, the website generates greater profit due to self-managed booking engine interaction. 

Asheville by Foot

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