Pro-tip for Pest Control Businesses Who Want More Seasonal Projects This Winter: Make The Most Of Local Services Ads

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Imagine the following scenario…

A couple is hosting a holiday party for 25 of their closest friends and family at their home, and they’re busy getting everything ready—the turkey is in the oven, they’re prepping the side dishes, and are tidying up the house and kids. 

Then, at the worst possible time: Little Jimmy comes into the kitchen with a mouse dangling by the tail and exclaims that the rest of the mouse’s family has taken up in his toy bin. The husband rushes into Jimmy’s room and sees a tiny overlooked dime sized hole in the floorboard near the box of toys.

With no time to waste and knowing that the other end of the hole is what needs to be dealt with, the husband searches for “emergency pest control” on Google.

He sees three local pest control companies with 5-star ratings and the words “Google Guaranteed” at the top of the page, which gives him a good starting point for finding a pest control specialist who can come to his house right away.

He clicks on one of the company names, learns more about it, and calls to schedule a service appointment.

Three Google Local Services Ads are visible to this customer at the very top of the page (LSAs).

This is a perfect example of a pest control company that used LSAs to capture more business at a critical time…when their services were in high demand.

In this post, we’ll look at how home service businesses can use LSAs to get more calls and jobs during their busiest times (which includes the winter for many types of home services companies).

Seasonal business equals opportunity for your company.

Discovering a rodent in your home in the winter is just one example of what could lead to increased demand for home services during the winter season.

After all, wintertime is when the pests and animals try to seek shelter inside our warm homes and businesses, and it’s common to discover mice, spiders, and cockroaches scurrying away when you flip the lights on in a room. More homeowners also require carpet cleaning services, house cleaning services, and companies that can decorate their homes’ exteriors to prep for the many types of holiday parties and entertaining. 

Then there’s the increase in demand for weather-related services like frozen pipe repair, broken heater and furnace repair, and emergency roof repair.

There’s no doubt that there’s plenty of business to go around at certain times of the year—but even with the increase in customer demand, home services professionals still have to compete for those seasonal-driven jobs.

This is where effective digital marketing can help.

As a pest control marketing agency, we’ve seen time and again that utilizing the Internet to reach the appropriate customers at the appropriate time

When pest control businesses invest in advertising strategies such as Local Services Ads, which place their companies front and center in Google search results, they are essentially ensuring that their business is in the right spot at the right time.

Why is this so significant?  Because it increases the likelihood that their company will be discovered and chosen by customers who have an immediate need for their services (as in the case of the homeowner who needed his new rodent family relocated and their point of ingress closed up before 30 people arrived at his door).

So, as you begin your busy season (whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall), it’s critical to pause and consider your home services digital marketing strategy. Now is the time to ask yourself…

  • Are people finding my business first when they search for the services I provide?
  • Is my brand visible to the right types of potential customers, such as those in my community?
  • Do my advertisements elicit immediate trust and a desire to contact my company?

When you can answer “yes” to all of these questions, you’re on the right track to attracting more calls and higher-quality jobs during your busy season.

Why are Local Services Ads an excellent marketing strategy for your peak season?

When it comes to marketing your company during the busy season you want to “capitalize on an advantage”

If you work in a seasonal industry, you can only count on people needing your services during certain months of the year, so you’ll want to capitalize on that increased demand as much as possible while the opportunity exists.

One method is to use Google’s Local Services Ads, and here’s why:

1. LSAs increase your visibility to people searching for your services on Google because these ads appear first on the results page.

2. Customers see LSAs based on proximity (how close your business is to the customer), so you can get calls from locals rather than people outside your service area. (Remember, you’re not just looking for more calls; you’re looking for the best calls.)

3. LSAs show your company’s star rating as well as a “Google Guaranteed” badge, indicating to potential customers that your company has been vetted and approved by Google. These ad features help to boost your company’s credibility during peak season when competition is already at an all-time high.

So, if your home services company hasn’t already begun investing in LSAs, now is the time!

Ready to learn more about Local Services Ads and how they can help your company generate more business during your busy season? More information can be found by clicking here.

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