Why You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself –  Digital Marketing for Pest Control Businesses

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Your trusty flashlight is always on your hip, after spending years finding just the right model with the right balance of features, ready to help you in your detailed home inspection. When you open up your email app on your phone you always find a pest control trade newsletter in your inbox, full of the newest and best products to take care of your customers and their ever-changing needs. After all the years you’ve spent with your backpack sprayer it often feels molded to your back, like a well-worn pair of gloves it feels like an extension of yourself.  So, you know there are things in life that are best done by professionals, and digital marketing is among them. Why? There is a lot that may go wrong if you are not 100% committed—and, let’s face it, an owner of a growing business almost never has the time to commit to a fully developed marketing plan.

You’re not keeping track of your progress: How are you able to judge the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts? There’s one simple word: analytics. It’s a small word with an enormous meaning, and if you are not spending hours staring at data points, your campaign is not getting the best return on your investment.

You’re unfamiliar with the jargon: For most people reading this, digital marketing isn’t a native language, and unless you speak it regularly, you may not understand the latest terminology. You should leave things like this to the professionals. We’ll ensure that your campaign runs smoothly.

You’re not keeping up with trends: Are you searching for new trends while eating breakfast in the morning? At the dining table, are you reading digital marketing blogs on your phone or tablet? If you are not consuming the most recent industry news on an hourly basis, you’re likely to make up the ICYMI (in case you missed it) category.

You’re not adjusting your budget: Your budget always needs to be monitored when it involves a digital marketing strategy. If you don’t know the last time you checked your ad spend or worse yet do not know how to adjust your spend, your hard-earned money isn’t getting used to its full potential.

You’re not keeping up with the big picture: Most people are able to list some SEO benefits, and may even be able to list a few reasons they should be posting on Facebook—but are you taking full advantage of all of the digital channels that are available to you? Are you active on all of the acceptable social media platforms? Is your website mobile-friendly? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself, and if you do not know the answers to some of them, it’s past time to find the answers.

We understand that online marketing takes plenty of your time, effort, and knowledge—and we’re here to help!

We are fully equipped to manage your online presence and assist you in growing your business as a full-service pest control marketing agency. Allow Proecho Solutions to lift the burden off your shoulders so you’ll have more time for other aspects of running your business. For more information, book a discovery call with us today!

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